Event arising from a sudden, external and unpredictable cause which is outside the control of the Policyholder, Insured Person and Beneficiary, resulting in bodily injury, total disability or death, clinically or objectively assessed. Accident occurring at the work place and in working hours, on the way to and from the work place, and other places directly related to the labour contract, causing bodily injury, functional impairment or a health condition that gives rise to a reduction in the ability to work, make a living or causes death.

Consideration for issuing or keeping in force an insurance, reinsurance or retrocession agreement.

Additional Memorandum
Document that sets forth any amendment to the insurance policy's general, special and specific conditions, of which it shall be an integral part.

Whenever the parties fail to reach agreement on a disputed point, a third party shall make a decision, which is binding on the parties to the contract.

Mainly, under this heading assistance is given to the beneficiary of a policy. In general, this cover is a feature of the services which can be supplied under insurance contracts. It can also be a specific insurance segment in a number of ways. The most common version of guarantees of assistance is generally called "Travel Assistance", consisting mainly of different services being supplied for repatriating sick or injured people, for advancing medical or hospital expenses, providing transportation, etc., whenever beneficiaries of the relevant agreement suffer an incident or accident.