The sale, exchange, grants and, in general, any other transfer of ownership or right over a given object, from one person to another.

Advance termination of the effects of an insurance contract as a consequence of several circumstances expressly set out therein.

An assessment aimed at determining the current financial equivalent based on interest rates, discounts, inflation, depreciation etc. of a sum or series of sums maturing at a future date. DAMAGE

Any loss that calls for repair, indemnity or compensation. This can be pecuniary or moral, direct or indirect, personal or material damage.

The process of something losing part of its value. Reduction, loss of value of anything because of its age, wear and tear, obsolescence. Depreciation can be assessed by expert opinion or it can be estimated.

Revoking the contract in order wholly or partially to stop the application of any conditions initially agreed.

An amount that the Client shall bear in case of a claim. The Insurer shall pay any amount in excess of the deductible.

This system settles claims falling within the motor vehicle civil liability and own damage insurances; under this system the Insurer pays directly and in advance to its Insured any indemnity he/she might be entitled to even though the claim was not caused by its driver. At a later stage, the Insurer will recover any amounts paid from the Insurer of the driver who caused the accident.

However not all claims can be settled under this convention.

For this to happen, the following conditions have to be met:

1 – The accident must have occurred in Mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira:
2 – There is a valid insurance in force;
3 – The DAAA must be signed by both drivers and completed in such a way as to clear any doubts about the accident;
4 – There should be two vehicles involved only and provided there is contact between those two vehicles.
5 – The claim must not cause any bodily injury, however small.
6 – The amount for repairing the damaged vehicle must not exceed €15,000.00.

Statement signed by whoever benefits from an indemnity whereby he/she declares and acknowledges that he/she has been fully indemnified, thus releasing the Insurer from that date on from the indemnity that gave rise to such payment.