Returning to the Policyholder part of the insurance premium previously paid.

This is a right that the company has to recover any indemnities paid under the policy in respect of a claim where third parties are responsible for the event that gave rise to such a claim.

Modification of or change to the circumstances that, from the insurer's point of view, increase the risk to be insured. This change may involve the insurer making a proposal to amend the insurance contract, which will affect the amount of the premium or in it being refused.

Place where the Insured Thing is located.

Termination of a contract by unilateral decision of one of the parties (the same as dissolution) or by mutual decision.

Predicted or potential occurrence of a fortuitous, sudden and unforeseen event, happening on an uncertain date, against which one is willing to buy an insurance policy to repair or compensate for any losses that may arise from such event.

It is an offence, as described as such in the relevant Criminal Law, involving the removal or taking of a third party's property so that it is passed to the offender, using violent means against such third party, threatening the life or physical integrity of such third party or forcing him/her not to resist.