Set of operations and activities concerning insurance agreements of the same nature. For instance, fire section, carried merchandise section, life section, and so forth.

Surveyor's report
Technical document that determines and quantifies damage giving rise to a claim, whenever that is feasible in technical terms. The Surveyor's Report shall be made available whenever requested. However, the company shall always leave a copy in the damaged vehicle immediately after the relevant survey is completed.

Specific Conditions
A document that specifies the Policyholder, Insured/Insured Person, insured object, as well as any further element specific to the agreement which makes it different from any other.

Special Conditions
Provisions that complete or make more specific any general conditions, and are generally applicable to certain contracts of the same type.

Any damaged vehicle whose cost of repair exceeds its commercial value. In these circumstances, any indemnity shall be based on the commercial value, but its scrap value for salvage shall be discussed with its owner or third parties.

This involves the assignment to the Insurer upon its settlement of a claim of the Insured's rights, to claim against other parties, so that the Insurer may claim from the party responsible for any damage reimbursement of any amounts that it may have spent.

When the effect of an insurance policy is temporarily suspended; these effects can be reinstated at a later date.