The Insured shall state a value that is equal to the value of the object to be insured. If the insurance is made for a lower value, then in case of a claim the Insured shall bear a proportional part of the damage or loss, and will be indemnified proportionally to the amount insured for the actual amount of the damage.

Removal of any movable property belonging to others to misappropriate it.

It is a form of terminating a contract for one year which continues into the following years; and which consists of a notice given by the Insurer or the Policyholder to the other party not less than 30 days notice prior to the end of the existing 1-year period that it does not wish to renew the contract.

Any claim victim, who is not a party to the insurance contract but, under it, has the right to be compensated.

When the cost of repair is equal to or higher than the value of the insured good, immediately before the claim has occurred.