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Personal Accidents
As accidents occur when least expected, take care of yourself and be insured around the clock at work, on holidays, in your car or at home.

Should an accident occur, the above solution would ensure payment of a sum to the Insured Person in case of death, permanent disability, medical expenses, and funeral expenses, among others.

Motor Vehicle
This insurance covers civil liability towards third parties (minimum amount of five million euros for bodily injuries and of one million euros for property damages), motor vehicle damages, and protection of driver and passengers, as well as travel assistance.

Save on the insurance premium but not on coverage.

Multiple Risks Household
As your property is subject to different risks and unexpected events, do not be caught off-guard and buy an insurance that covers you fully.

Your house is equally important to us and, as such, we are offering a different coverage that includes fire, flooding, storms, water caused damages, theft or robbery, family civil liability among others.

On the other hand, according to the law any building subject to the condominium scheme, as set forth in article 1429, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, must be covered by fire insurance.

If you already own or are going to buy a house, check out our solution.

House Cleaners Accidents at Work
According to the law (Law 100/97, dated 13th September), this insurance covers any accidents suffered by house cleaners during their working hours and on their way to work and from home.

According to the law, any company or individual employing part-time or full-time workers, with or without a formal labour contract, is responsible for the consequences arising from accidents that such workers may suffer while rendering their services.

We know that health is the most precious thing and, as such, we designed solutions that are tailored to your needs.

The health insurance covers medical expenses incurred in surgeries, consultations, treatments, diagnosis exams, medicines, dentist, childbirth, etc., in Portugal and abroad.

Take care of yourself and we will take care of your health.

In Portugal and abroad, we provide you with a solution tailored to your travel needs, with the following coverages on offer:

• Death;
• Permanent disability;
• Medical expenses;
• Luggage;
• Temporary disability;
• Taking part in Winter sports at an amateur level;
• Travel assistance.

Amuse yourself and relax, we will take care of you.

Above everything else, you worry about the well-being of your family; so, take the necessary measures.

The life insurance ensures payment of a sum because of death or disability (total and final and/or permanent) of the Insured Person.

Civil Liability Family
This solution insures any damages caused by the household to third parties (property damages and/or bodily injuries) arising from private life.

The above coverage extends to house cleaners and pets.

Accidents at Work – Self-Employed
Buying an accidents at work insurance – self-employed persons is mandatory (Law 100/97, dated 13th September); its single goal is to ensure that workers have the right to receive compensation for repairing damages (benefits in kind / cash) resulting from accidents at work and on their way to and from work.

This insurance covers paying a compensation in case of death, permanent or temporary disability, medical expenses, and death grant, among others.

Because accidents happen when least expected.

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