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Accidents at Work
Buying an accidents at work insurance – employed persons is mandatory (Law 100/97, dated 13th September); its single goal is to ensure that workers and their families have the right to receive compensation for repairing damages (benefits in kind / cash) resulting from accidents at work and on their way to and from work.

The more productive your employees are the more successful your company is.

Personal Accidents Group
The personal accidents insurance is the perfect match as it extends an around the clock coverage anywhere in the world, at work (professional risk) or in private life (extra-professional risk). Among others, one is allowed to buy coverages such as: death, disability or medical expenses.

Look for a solution for your company in a single insurance (group insurance).

Prevention is better than cure!

Motor Vehicle
Challenge us and let us assess your motor vehicle fleet.

With the experience gained throughout the years, we are able to offer solutions tailored to your needs, taking into consideration the existing risk and your line of business.

Our final and parallel goal is to offer you a reduction in the current costs.

Health Group
While your employees work relentlessly for the success of the company, we would not like you to waste any time; we look for different and custom solutions that allow us to take care of their health.

Call us and let us review your employees' needs and submit a solution that adds value at no cost!

A satisfied employee is a more productive employee.

Operating Losses
It insures any book losses arising from stoppages, reduction in the working capacity and increase in additional costs because of a claim covered by the relevant policy.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Civil Liability
With this, the extra-contractual obligation on the Policyholder's part, arising from carrying out the business as shown in the policy and in accordance with the relevant conditions, will be transferred to the Insurer.

Life Group
This solution provides your employees with death and disability coverage.

In addition to the above protection and in tax terms, the said insurance covers the following:

• Company: Direct tax benefits;
• Workers: Amounts paid can be deducted from the individual income tax – 25% of the amount applied up to a maximum of €50 for non-married taxable persons, and €100 for married taxable persons.

Because life is the most precious thing.

Merchandise Transport
Do not get caught off-guard, arrive first.

Now you can guarantee your merchandise against damages while being carried (by sea, land or air).

Call us and know how.

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